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Discover your higher purpose. Your birthchart is waiting.


Create a world you control.


Your Life. Your Rules.

Stop swimming against the river of fate. Your birthchart has a unique design, gifting you talents no-one else possesses. You hold the keys to your best self. I’ll show you astrological, occult, and NLP techniques to help unlock your true life purpose. Re-align with your highest self and thrive. 

Learn with the best astrologer in St. Augustine FL.

NLP Astrological Coaching


Partnerships fail if people aren’t compatible. Learn hidden astrological techniques to ensure they don’t. Attract the right person, breakthrough your barriers, and align with the macrocosm.


Career and finance are a big part of your life. Your chart may place your talents in a better area. Find your hidden path and align with it for maximum growth.


Place your health back in your hands. Avoid pitfalls and discover your healing nature. Astrology and NLP, with our proprietary occult techniques will unlock your inner strength.

Your Chart Is A Reflection

There are 12 Signs of the Zodiac – 12 Houses – 7 traditional planets, and 3 modern ones. There are mathematical points, directions, progressions, profections, releasing, lots, sect, aspects, and a whirlwind of other factors.

Don’t get lost in the maze.

Allow a certified traditional astrologer, kabbalist, and master NLP practitioner to guide you to your life purpose – as reflected in your birthchart.

This is not your average solutionless astrology. You need outcomes, not victimhood. Learn from my struggles and the success finally achieved after years of study and application.

With astrology, occult techniques, and NLP, you can overcome career, home or partnership issues — whatever the case may be. You have an astrological hidden strength to overcome and grow strong. Unlock it. I did. Now you can too.

Let’s explore your higher self’s purpose together. We will re-align through modern NLP techniques, together with the science of traditional astrology and magic.

Chart a course and get equipped for success.

best astrologer in st augustine fl

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You. Actualized.

Diamonds form after years of pressure. Learning to harness that pressure, changing the way it effects you, leaves destiny in-tact while giving you options. The river of astrological time will never stop flowing, but you can steer away from the rocks and into calmer waters.

Through astrological re-alignment we can alter the very fabric of the planetary interpretation of your birthchart.

For instance, you have a poorly aspected Saturn that delineates difficult relationships. We’ll get to the root of the issue, change your subconscious perception, and harness more positive Saturnian energy by putting it to work in a more constructive manner through a series of astrological, magical, and psychological applications. This will attract better people into your life, giving you more positive experiences with your Saturn.

Never settle, get real traditional astrology, and advanced transmutation methods with the best astrologer in St. Augustine FL.

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