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First, let me get the boring credentials out of the way: I’m a certified Hellenistic astrologer through the reknowned Chris Brennan school. I’m also a tarot reader, runecaster, and overall occult expert. I’ve spent half of my lifetime studying and practicing metaphysics. I have receipts.

But what really makes me different from other readers? Frankly, it’s experience. This isn’t a hustle. I live this. But why, you ask?

That’s the more interesting story. After years of repression and seemingly bad luck: from manipulative relationships, to a dead brother, a broken family, drugs, chronic illness, nightmare living environments, even unjust imprisonment, I had enough! I needed a big change, I needed spiritual answers. So, I set out on an epic journey.

I spent half of my life buried in astrology books, the occult, meditation and magick.

I made it my mission to unearth the most authentic forms of divination that actually work for you. Now, it’s your turn to benefit from my experience.

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Get This Massive Discount For A Short Time Only

My fees are $395 for personal astrological coaching and re-alignment. You read that right.

Through this Live offer you’re going to pay only $20 for access to me.


Limited Availability

How To Book:

I offer readings both live or recorded. If I’m not live at the time of purchase, just leave your username and email address in the purchase notes and I’ll send you the reading. I primarily offer Astrology readings, but I offer Tarot or Runes as well.

If you order an astrology reading, you can get a combo tarot or rune reading at a discount. For example, if you purchase an astrology reading, and want to add tarot, the price is only an additional $5(instead of $15 for a standalone reading) I will answer your question on a single topic.

IMPORTANT! In your Purchase notes, write your TikTok username, birthday, birthplace, birthtime, and question. Or just DM me your info on TikTok. If you purchase a relationship compatibility reading, I need your partner’s info too!

If you purchase a tarot or rune add-on, let me know and I will combine it into one large reading.


This offering is a shorter version of a full reading with me. During a full length reading, you would have a full hour with more in-depth answers. Services provided are dependent on purchase type and individual psychic needs.

What I do:


Peronal Divination


Astrology, Tarot, Runes


Psychic Intuition


Spiritual Coaching


NLP Techniques


Astral Energetic Clearing


Love and Relationship


Business and Career


Much More!

TikTok Services

Personal Astrology Reading

$20 Astrology Reading

Birthchart analysis using authentic Hellenistic and Medieval astrology. Extremely accurate methods. I'll answer your question. Don't forget to send your birthday, place, and time either in purchase notes or via TikTok.
Hermetic Tarot

$15 Tarot Reading (only $5 as astrology reading add-on)

Get a full tarot reading showing you the intricacy of your situation. $15 for standalone reading, or order an astrology reading and pay only $5 as an add-on($25 total for both services).
Norse Runes

$15 Rune Reading (only $5 as astrology reading add-on)

Get a four rune casting on your question, with the best course of action. $15 for standalonereading, or order an astrology reading and pay only $5 as an add-on($25 total for both services).
Relationship Compatibility Reading

$25 Relationship Compatibility Astrology

This is a real relationship compatiblity reading. Since I go beyond zodiac compatibility, I'll need both you and your partners birth-data.

Your Life, Actualized

Astrology is the art of determining the coorelation between the movement of the heavens with what happens in our lives. Once known, we can use our free-will to re-align and grow using the gifts we were given at birth. This can drastically change your chart’s future manifestation. Book now and change everything.

By purchasing these services you understand that any reading or advice is for entertainment purposes only. We are not responsible for any action you may or may not take as a result.