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Your Life. Your Rules.

You’re unique, just like your birthchart, so boiler plate astrology ends here. Using ancient time-tested hellenistic and medieval astrology methods, I’ll show you the real path your life is on, and the possibilities you have.


Relationships fail if people aren’t compatible. I’ll check your compatibility with proven astrological strategies. Find out if they’re right, or if it’s time to move on.


Your birthchart is as unique as you are. I’ll apply time-tested traditional methods to give you the best possible interpretation. Find out where your future is headed.


I’ll pick the best astrological time to move, get married, start a business, even conceive! Electional astrology is a timed birth-chart for your goals. Ensure you have the best outcome.

Medieval Astrology / Hellenistic Astrology

By practicing metaphysics since I was young, and astrology for nearly a decade, I’ve realized something: Diamonds form after years of pressure.

Life creates a similar pressure. If we learn to harness it, changing the way it effects us, we can leave destiny in-tact while making us stronger.

So what does that mean for you? Using ancient Hellenistic and Medieval astrological readings, I can see what areas of your life are in immediate focus, and what lies ahead via timelord techniques. Together we can check your relationship compatibility, career, home, and more.

Then, if you opt for it, we can use electional astrology, NLP, and other methods to give you a much greater chance of success in future endeavors. You’ll walk through life feeling more powerful.

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