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I’ve spent over a decade testing ancient methods of astrology to find what works.

As a natural intuitive, and someone who sees between the worlds of spirit – If I practice it, it’s solid.

My readings will shine light on your true path and allow you to make the best choices for your future.

If you want to know what lies ahead, you’re in the right place.

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What I Do

Best Seller

Natal Astrology

$129. Traditional natal astrology readings. Following classical methods, I'll help you understand yourself and your future on a deeper level. Learn about career, relationships, and much more.
Timing Technique

Electional Astrology

$129. Electional Astrology deals in timing events to to get the best outcome. Think of it as a birthchart for your goal. The better the chart, the better the outcome. I'll find the best time to start your project so you will have the upper hand and get the best result.
Best Seller

Relationship Astrology

$129. Relationship Compatibility Astrology. Find out if you should stay or go. Using traditional methods, we'll determine if you and your partner are compatible. By looking at both of your charts we'll discover the truth of where this relationship is headed.
Complete Package

Astrological Re-Alignment Coaching

$395. Includes all other services and more. Personal monthly coaching to transmute your challenges into benefits. Using ancient techniques with modern tools, we can change your outlook and life manifestation. Contact me for a free assessment to see if re-alignment is right for you.

Your Life, Actualized

Astrology is the art of determining the coorelation between the movement of the heavens with what happens in our lives. Once known, we can use our free-will to re-align and grow using the gifts we were given at birth. This can drastically change your chart’s future manifestation. Book now and change everything.

By purchasing these services you understand that any reading or advice is for entertainment purposes only. We are not responsible for any action you may or may not take as a result.