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My Services

When I started this journey, I believed that there was more to astrology than most would have you believe. That’s why I spent years uncovering human psychology, astrological ritual magic, kaballah, and NLP. I wanted to push the limits of what fate allowed to find what works.

Now it’s your turn. You understand astrology, but what if you could work with the stars, rather than being tossed around by them? Imagine making your next Saturn transit work for you, instead of against you, via personal transformation and ritual.

I’ve helped countless people find their path, and I’m ready to help you. Prepare to change your life and traverse the fine line between fate and free will.

What I Do

I’ll help you discover your best self based on your birthchart and personal constitution. Then, with re-alignment coaching, we’ll incorporate your goals to come up with an actionable strategy to achieve them.

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Astrological Reading

Traditional astrology readings. Following the Hellenistic and Medieval formula, I guide you to a more perfect understanding of your birthchart. Decode the chapters of your life and learn why events happen. Then, plot a course into your future and see what comes next. Tarot bonus on demand.
Timing Technique
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Electional Astrology

Electional Astrology is the branch that deals in timing events to predetermine outcomes. Think of it as a new birthchart for your specific goal. The better the chart, the better the outcome. I'll find the best time to start your project, and give you a certain task to perform at the hour in question, assuring you the upper hand.
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Astrological Re-Alignment Coaching

Includes all other services and more. We'll design personal strategies to transmute your challenges into benefits. Using ancient astrological techniques, NLP, and astrological magic, you'll shine bright, have accountability, and achieve your goals. Align your subconscious with the greater spiritual realities and change your life.

Your Life, Actualized

Astrology is the art of determining the coorelation between the movement of the heavens with what happens in our lives. Once known, we can use our free-will to re-align and grow using the gifts we were given at birth. This can drastically change your chart’s future manifestation. Book now and change everything.